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Witch bottle found in England

What may be a witch bottle has been found during a dig at the site of Civil War Centre in Nottinghamshire, England. The green bottle, which is about 15cm (5.9in) tall, was probably used in the 1700s to ward off evil spells cast by witches, researchers believe. The witch bottles were usually

Ice Age flint tools found during road works

Flint tools dating back to the Ice Age have been found during road repairs in Nottinghamshite, England. The Highways Agency said the finds included ancient flint tools and flint knapping debris dating back to about 11,000 BC - around the end of the last Ice Age when Stone Age hunter-gathers

Roman temple found in Nottinghamshire, England

Building remains found in Nottinghamshire, England, may belong to an unknown Roman temple. Excavations on the Minster C of E School site in Southwell between September 2008 and May 2009 revealed walls, ditches and ornate stones. The team analysing the finds said the shape and quality of the remains suggest