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Studying Roman glass to improve nuclear storage

Here is an interesting article: researchers are studying 1,800-year-old Roman glass to help improve nuclease waste storage. Denis Strachan, a Pacific Northwest National Laboratory fellow, traveled to Italy last summer in search of the corroded glass to study how modern-day glass will hold up when storing nuclear waste. As a fan

Archaeologists excavate Hanford nuclear site’s garbage dumps

Archaeologists have been excavating garbage dumps at Hanford Site, Washington, where tens of thousands of workers's refuse was buried when they worked on the nuclear reservation during World War II. Archaeologists are sorting through what those early Hanford workers and their families threw away at the atomic boom town, seeing if

The US nuclear bomb that has been missing for 50 years

50 years ago a mid-air collision caused a US nuclear bomb to drop into US waters. The bomb still has not been found raising important safety concerns. They would ditch their nuclear payload as soon as possible in order to lighten the aircraft for an emergency landing and also to eliminate

Atomic veteran recalls x-ray experience

During the late 1950s, some soldiers were exposed to nuclear blasts in the hope of hardening them to repeated radiation exposure. It was an awesome force. A nuclear bomb thrusts so much air away from its center that it creates a vacuum moments later that sucks wind back in until it