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130-year old watch from bottom of ocean returned

A silver pocket watch which lay at the bottom of the ocean for 130 years is being returned to the family of its owner. After bringing it to the surface, he saw the words "Richard Prichard 1866 Abersoch North Wales" engraved on the casing. Mr Hughes told how he started to trace

Ancient Humans Knew Sustainable Fishing

According to new research, early humans living off the coast of California may have been farming the ocean. They found that while people were harvesting millions of shellfish annually from the local kelp forest ecosystem, shell sizes remained relatively stable even as the local population grew and became more technologically advanced. The

Oldest Seahorses Found; Help Solve Mystery

The oldest seahorse fossils discovered to date have been uncovered in Slovenia, shedding light on how the naturally weak swimmers managed to disperse around the world. This 13-million-year-old baby seahorse, with a head measuring just 5 millimeters (0.2 inch) long, is among the oldest seahorse fossils ever discovered, scientists said in