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2,300-year-old ceremonial site found in Ohio

A ceremonial site dating back to 300 B.C has been found on a bluff overlooking the Huron River in Ohio. The area’s Early Woodland occupiers built the ceremonial site in 300 B.C. in an oval enclosure dug into the ground within a larger enclosure, the archaeologists said. Excavators unearthed circular post

4,000-year-old floor found in Ohio

The remains of a 4,000-year-old floored structure has been found in northeastern Ohio. "There's nothing like this anywhere in Ohio. It's very significant, a much more significant site than we previously thought," Redmond said. "These are house structures. This was like a village site." The builders lived in what archaeologists classify as

2,000-year-old mound undergoes excavation in Ohio

A mound dating back 2,000 years is currently undergoing excavation in Ohio ahead of construction for a new shopping mall. "Before 2008, it was a bump around 2 1/2 feet tall and quite easy to see," Burks said. "It was known by many but, for some reason, wasn't reported. Many mounds

Remains of butchered mastodon found in Ohio

An excavation of a mastodon skeleton found by a farmer in Ohio has unearthed flints and charcoal that could reveal that the carcass was butchered by Ice Age hunters. The bones mostly have been discovered on piles of rocks and gravel. The researchers have found bits of flint and lines of

Vandals desecrate 1,000-year-old Serpent Mound

Officials are looking to lay down charges against vandals who buried New Age orgonites, shiny objects made of resin, quartz crystals and aluminum foil, at the Native American Serpent Mound in Ohio. Orgonites are crafted from metal filings, such as aluminum, and quartz crystals, cast in a resin base, often in

Ice Age animal remains found with butcher marks

13,000-year-old animal remains with cut marks are the oldest evidence of prehistoric human activity in Ohio. "This research provides the first scientific evidence for hunting or scavenging of Ice Age sloth in North America," said Redmond. "The significant age of the remains makes them the oldest evidence of prehistoric human activity

Ohio serpent mound could be world’s largest

An ancient earthwork located in Mariemont, Ohio may be the world's largest serpent mound. Using modern technology, he has identified this hump as the remnants of a serpent mound built by Fort Ancient Indians between 1400 and 1800. This serpent mound is 2,952 feet long, more than twice the length of the