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23,000-year-old fish hooks found in Okinawa

23,000-year-old fish hooks made from the shells of sea snails have been found on the Japanese island of Okinawa. They could almost pass for a pair of ancient earrings. But instead, researchers have discovered the world's oldest fish hooks. And it's led them to suggest that maritime technology developed in Asia-Pacific much

Sunken WWII destroyer plundered by divers

A group of scuba divers have stolen from the USS Emmons, a World War II destroyer which sunk off the coast of Okinawa. Sometime in the past three months, a group of unknown scuba divers drifted 135 feet down into the deep blue waters here.Their destination was the ghostly

902 unexploded WWII bombs found under Japanese restaurant

In what must have been a very scary discovery, over 900 WWII bombs have been found beneath a restaurant in Okinawa, Japan. "It's rare to find this many unexploded munitions at once," said Maedomari. "Because unexploded munitions from the Second World War are scattered across Okinawa, construction workers always