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Students excavate 10,000-year-old Bison kill site

A group of students from the University of Oklahoma helped uncover bison bones and weapons at a 10,000-year old bison kill site. This was the second year the team had been excavating the site, so they knew what to expect when they were digging around in the sticky red dirt, but

The world’s oldest toothache

Evidence of what could be the world's oldest toothache has been identified after analyzing the skull of a 275 million year old reptile found in Oklahoma. The find predates the previous record-holder (another land vertebrate with dental disease) by nearly 200 million years. The newly discovered tooth infection may have been

Unexploded WWII bombs uncovered in Oklahoma

Twenty unexploded WWII-era bombs have been unconvered in Oklahoma during the excavation of a natural-gas pipeline. "During World War II about 60 families were displaced from 10,000 acres here to make room for a training and bombing range," said Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp Wednesday afternoon. "Apparently the work crews here