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Severed heads of Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers found in Ireland

Two severed heads found in James Green, Ireland, are believed to have belonged to Oliver Cromwell's soldiers. “The heads of seven of Cromwell’s men are believed to be buried there. They were killed near Ballinakill in Co Laois in 1642 and their heads were hung from the Market Cross in Kilkenny

Diseased victims from seige of York found in mass grave

The skeletons of men from Oliver Cromwell's forces who succumbed to disease have been found in a mass grave in York. Archaeologists uncovered the remains on the site of what, even during the Civil War, was a “lost” church – All Saints – just outside the city walls, where until

Oliver Cromwell’s legacy damaging the tomb of the Black Prince

Damage caused 350 years ago by Oliver Cromwell's army is ruining the tomb of the Edward the Black Prince in Canterbury Cathedral. Stained glass windows overlooking the tomb of Edward, Prince of Wales, were destroyed by Puritan iconoclasts in the 1640s, allowing damaging UV rays to enter the cathedral unfiltered. Since