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The oldest olive pit in Britain

A charred olive pit which dates back to the 1st century B.C. has been found in a well in Hampshire, England. Iron Age Britons were importing olives from the Mediterranean a century before the Romans arrived with their exotic tastes in food, say archaeologists who have discovered a single olive stone

Byzantine olive and grape presses found in Syria

Two Byzantine presses, one for olives and the other for grapes, have been found in northern Syria. Head of the Archaeology Department Nicolas Kabbad said one of the two presses is dedicated for olive pressing and the second for pressing grapes, adding that both presses are made up of rock

Olives were dietary staple of 2,300-year-old ship’s crew

Hundreds of olive pits have been found in a 2,300-year-old shipwreck in Cyprus. Stella Demesticha of the University of Cyprus said Thursday that hundreds of olive pits found at the wreck indicate the fruit was a likely a staple of the crew's diet at a time when sailors mostly