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Olympic construction in London unearths artifacts

Construction work on Olympic Park in east London has prompted an archaeological survey which has turned up myriad artifacts which span thousands of years. The London 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games open on July 27. Among the first to prepare for this historic moment were archaeologists, who excavated a 1.6-square-mile

Tsunamis destroyed home of Olympic Games

New research suggests that a series of tsunamis, not an earthquake, destroyed the birthplace of the Olympic Games 1500 years ago in ancient Greece. Strong evidence for repeated tsunamis came from the presence of molluscs, snail shells and the remains of abundant foraminifera (marine protozoa). The sediments were transported inland at

Oldest UK Olympian dies aged 100

Britain's oldest Olympian, Godfrey Rampling, who won medals at the 1932 and 1936 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and Berlin, has passed away. A 400m runner, he was a member of the Great Britain 4x400m relay teams which won silver in 1932 and gold in 1936. In 1932 he anchored the 4x400m

Ancient riverbed found under English Channel

An ancient river bed that has been unseen for 185,000 years has been found in the English Channel during an underwater mapping survey intended to be completed for the 2012 Olympics. The mysterious river bed cuts through bedrock at the bottom of the ocean and is eight miles long, ranges between

Even ancient Olympians doped up

Even ancient Olympians would seek performance-enhancing substances, gaining a testosterone kick by eating sheep testicles. A physician of the era, Galen, advised Olympians to consume "the rear hooves of an Abyssinian ass, ground up, boiled in oil, and flavored with rose hips and rose petals." European cyclists of the late 1800s drank