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Vasco da Gama shipwreck found near Oman

One of Vasco da Gama’s ships has been identified, found in the waters off the coast of Oman. The bulk of the recovered artefacts were artillery and ordnance from the arsenal on board the ship. These included lead, iron and stone shot of various calibres, a large number of bronze breech

Ceremonial weapons found in Oman

Ceremonial bronze weapons have been found at a complex dating back between 900-600 B.C. in Oman. An exceptional collection of bronze weapons dating from the Iron Age II (900-600 BC) has been uncovered near Adam, in the Sultanate of Oman. The remains were discovered scattered on the ground in a building

Tomb of Iron-age chieftain discovered in Oman

The 2,300-year-old tomb of a chieftain has been found in an ancient cemetery in Oman. Bakri called the 2,300 year old burial chamber with the nearly intact skeleton the most important find at the site. It is being believed that the man may have died at age 50. A male and

Massive tomb with 200 remains found in Oman

Construction of a sports club in Oman has led to the discovery of a huge ancient tomb which contains the buried bodies of 200 people. The chamber itself was an impressive structure. But with limestone material and rocks sourced from a local wadi, the structure measured 14 metres long and 3.5

4,000-year-old settlements found in Oman

Articles, settlements and tombs which date back to 2000 B.C. have been found in Oman during construction of a new border check post.   According to the Ministry of Heritage and Culture official, the remains from ancient settlements, which include a brass necklace, body, daggers, needles, arrow heads, knives, local and imported

Iron Age settlement found in Oman

Evidence of a human settlement which dates back to the Iron Age has been unearthed in Oman. The settlement was unearthed during excavation in the Sohar Port area of the country at as many as 57 burial sites, Biubwa Ali Al Sabri, Director of Excavation and Archaeological Studies at the