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Explore Egypt’s Giza Plateau in 3D

A 3D virtual rendition of the Giza Plateau has been posted online for you to explore. It's pretty cool! Engineered by software design firm Dassault Systèmes, in collaboration with Harvard University and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the free application is available on multiple devices, including 3-D-enabled computer monitors

Online map calculates travel times in Ancient Rome

A team of historians and IT folks from Stanford University have developed an online map called ORBIS that calculates how long it took to travel between cities in Ancient Rome and how much it cost. Click here to play with it yourself! A paper map can show how far two cities are

Bletchley Park’s code-breaking archives to go online

Millions of WWII documents from Bletchley Park are set to be digitized and made available online. Electronics company Hewlett-Packard has donated a number of scanners to the centre in Milton Keynes so volunteers can begin the ground-breaking task. Many of the records at the once-secret centre have not been touched

Original source of Isaac Newton’s apple tale is now online

The original source of famous story regarding how Isaac Newton discovered gravity, a manuscript by physician William Stukeley, has been put online by the Royal Society. "After dinner, the weather being warm, we went into the garden and drank tea, under the shade of some apple trees," wrote Stukeley, in the

German phonebooks from the past published online

The German National Library has published German phone directories from 1915 to 1981 online, aid those who are tracing their ancestors. The directories will be of global interest because millions fled Germany after the Nazis' rise to power.  Many also left after the First World War, during the Great Depression and after