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Section of corduroy road found in Ontario

A second 25-foot-long section of corduroy road, made by placing logs over muddy roads, has been found in Waterloo, Canada. The first corduroy road was discovered under King Street and Willis Way on March 11. Work had to stop until the discovery could be properly documented as required by the province, causing

1,000-year-old projectile points and pottery found in Ontario

Archaeologists working on the banks of the Puce River in Ontario have found a collection of aboriginal items which date back 1,000 years. The artifacts that initially were found were projectile heads, or arrowheads, as well as clay pottery,” said Essex County’s engineering contracts manager Peter Bziuk. “There were fragments of pottery

War of 1812 artifacts uncovered at Fort Erie dig

Archaeologists working at Fort Erie in Ontario, Canada, have uncovered a collection of artifacts and traces of buildings which date back to the War of 1812. To the west of the fort, 20 archeology students from Laurier are hunched over precise plots, measuring 1 metre by 3, like miniature graves. For

9,000-year-old hunting camp found in Eastern Ontario

A ancient hunting camp dating back between 3,500 to 9,000 years has been found along the South Nation River in Ontario, Canada. Thousands of stone items have been found at what Thibaudeau said was an obvious portage around a waterfall and rapids on the South Nation River. The spot is believed

500-year-old aboriginal village discovered in Ontario

An aboriginal village dating back 500 years has been found on Strasburg Creek in Ontario, Canada. A few hundred people lived in long houses, made pottery and grew corn in a medium-sized village on the banks of Strasburg Creek that was thriving 100 years before Samuel de Champlain set foot

Child’s ceramic practice pot found in Ontario

A ceramic pot, most likely the result of a young child being taught how to make pottery, has been found near a bridge in Ontario, Canada. "This is a very significant archaeological site made up of a series of cultural layers representing several different historic and pre-historic periods. Based on

Pioneer remains found in Ontario

Two skeletons, believed to belong to pioneers, have been found at Crystal Beach in Ontario, Canada. They're both close to each other and oriented in an east/west direction, which is kind of the method of a Christian burial," said senior archeologist Martin Cooper. "Right now, we're leaning towards them being

4,600-year-old burial found in Ontario, Canada

A burial site dating back 4,600 years has been found in Northern Ontario, Canada, on the shore of Big Trout Lake. A 4,600-year-old burial has been discovered in a remote corner of northern Canada – and could hold the key to how ancient Canadians lived. The remarkable find has