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Obsidian tools found in Oregon

A landowner digging on his property in Oregon has found 14 obsidian tools which date back between 1,000-4,000 years. It was the heat of summer, but underneath the weeds the ground was wet. “I was like ‘Oh, this is actually a spring. Cool,’” he said. So he got a shovel, to dig

Location of Battle of Hungry Hill found

After searching for three years, researchers have finally found the location of the Battle of Hungry Hill, the largest battle of the Rogue River Indian Wars which took place in 1855-56. "It's very gratifying to finally find it — we've done a lot of detective work," Tveskov said, stressing it was

Poop: The oldest direct evidence of people in America

Human coprolites (fossilized poop) found in Oregon's Paisley Caves have been dated back 14,500 years, making them the oldest direct evidence of people in America. Some of the most interesting discoveries in archaeology come from sifting through ancient garbage dumps. Scientists working in Oregon have found one that has yielded what

Army barracks located at 19th century Oregon fort

Metal detectors and ground-penetrating radar have been employed to pinpoint the location of army barracks at Fort Klamath in Oregon. "It's a pretty exciting moment," said Todd Kepple, Klamath County Museums manager. "No trace of this building was visible for the 44 years the county has owned this property. We had

Painting of Civil War outpost found

A painting has been discovered that reveals for the first time what Fort Hoskins, a Civil War outpost in Oregon, looked like. Last fall, following a long chain of improbable coincidences, he obtained a copy of an oil painting from about 1860 that shows the fort in its heyday. For Brauner, it

50,000-year-old well-preserved trees found in Oregon hillside

Extremely well-preserved trees, which were buried in a landslide 50,000 years ago, have been uncovered by transportation works digging into a hill in Oregon. “They were cedar logs and they had bark on them. They had root wads on them. There were small branches,” he said. “You don’t see well-preserved

WWII navy aircraft wreckage found in Oregon forest

The wreckage of a WWII-era Navy aircraft was discovered by loggers in an Oregon forest. nvestigators were initially concerned that there might be unexploded bombs or bullets on the site, but a search by Oregon State Police bomb technicians turned up no obvious signs of any unexploded ordnance, Hughes said.

Oldest American artifact unearthed

A scraper-like tool dating back 14,230 years has been found in a cave in Oregon. The tool shows that people were living in North America well before the widespread Clovis culture of 12,900 to 12,400 years ago, says archaeologist Dennis Jenkins of the University of Oregon in Eugene. Studies of sediment and