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WWII lifeboat discovered new Orkney Islands

The sunken wreckage of a WWII lifeboat from the attacked HMS Royal Oak has been found underwater off the Orkney Islands. FOR more than a century it has lain on the seabed, a lost relic of one of the greatest wartime disasters ever suffered by the Royal Navy. But now undersea archaeologists

Neolithic figurine uncovered on Orkney Island

A third prehistoric figurine has been found beneath the Links of Notland on the Orkney Island of Westray. The latest to emerge from the depths of pre-history is a third hand-carved stone figurine, which joins two similar Bronze Age carved figures found at the site. The first, discovered in 2009, is

Neolithic painted stones found in Scotland

Stones painted during the Neolithic period have been found on the Orkney Islands in Scotland. The latest discovery, made late yesterday afternoon, is a stone with a zigzag chevron pattern in red pigment. It is thought the painted and decorated stones may have been used to enhance important buildings and