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Norway’s oldest human remains

The 8,000-year-old remains of a man found south of Oslo may be Norway's oldest. The skeleton is in an extremely fragile condition, meaning researchers are painstakingly examining it tiny fragment by tiny fragment, documenting the location of everything as accurately as possible and feeding it into a 3-D computer model of

100 medieval graves unearthed in Oslo

Archaeologists working ahead of a railway expansion project in Oslo have uncovered 100 medieval skeletons. Egil Bauer, who’s leading the archaeology project for NIKU, said the skeletons found this summer can help researchers learn more about what Oslo residents ate in the Middle Ages, what illnesses they had, their ages when

Buried Viking ships found with ground radar

Archaeologists in Norway have found what they believe to be two large Viking ships, buried south of Oslo. Road construction near the old Viking trading center at Kaupang has led to the discovery of two large ship silhouettes on ground radar pictures. The pictures have been made possible through a

10,000-year-old artifacts found in Norway

A collection of artifacts dating back 10,000 years have been found in Oslo, Norway. Archeologists now say Oslo's history will have to be re-written. They have made new escavations which show that people have lived on the Ekeberg heights east of the capital for 10,000 years. The artifacts found include flint chips