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145-year-old wheelhouse unearthed in Canada

A 19th-century wheelhouse has been unearthed during construction outside of Ottawa, Canada. The railway turntable, also known as a wheelhouse, was operated by the Ottawa St. Lawrence Railways. It was discovered two weeks ago on the site where Trinity Developments is planning to build several mixed-use condo towers. In its day, trains

Supreme Court of Canada dig yields 2,000 artifacts

An archaeological dig near the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa has turned up more than 2,000 19th century artifacts. In 1823, the site was purchased by the British government prior to the establishment of a significant military presence in the area in 1826 for the construction of the Rideau

2,000-year-old aboriginal camp unearthed in Ottawa

The oldest aboriginal camp yet found in the City of Ottawa, Canada, has been unearthed on the Rideau River. Archeologists believe that the camp on the Rideau River was used periodically by Algonquin people because it was a good site for fishing, hunting and perhaps for gathering berries. The dig started in