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Ottoman-era fisherman’s house discovered in Israel

An Ottoman-era fisherman's house and lookout tower have been found in Israel. In an unprecedented discovery, archeologists from the Antiquities Authority recently unearthed an Ottoman-era fisherman’s house off the coast of Ashkelon, marking the first time a structure found in the area is definitively associated with the fishing industry. According to the

Inscribed Ottoman-era pipe found in Jerusalem

A pipe inscribed with the phrase "Love is the language for lovers" has been found in Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter. Literally translated, the inscription reads "Heart is language for the lover." And, not surprisingly, it was most likely a gift to a lover, according to Shahar Puni, of the Israel Antiquities Authority. "Clay

Pot of gold found in Turkish sewer

Workers building a sewer system in Sürekli, Turkey, stumbled across a pot of gold coins dating back to Ottoman times. The pot of gold was found two meters underground as mechanical diggers were excavating. Workers alerted the local gendarmerie, which closed the village to hundreds of curious visitors from the region. While