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Medieval objects found at Oxford construction site

Excavations ahead of a shopping center in Oxford, England, have turned up hundreds of objects dating back 700 years, including 50 medieval shoes. Experts uncovered 50 medieval leather shoes and a bag as well as a wooden bowl and timber posts at the Westgate Shopping Centre excavation. The objects which "tell us

Medieval cemetery unearthed in Oxford, England

A medieval cemetery located at the Littlemore Priory in Oxford has been excavated ahead of construction of a new hotel. Females made up the majority of the burials, at 35, with males accounting for 28; it was impossible to determine the gender of the remaining 29. Among the burials, the archaeologists unearthed

17th-century shallow grave found in Oxford

The shallow grave of a woman who was buried in the 17th century has been found in Oxford, England. The body of a young woman buried with a silver shilling on her eye in a 17th century shallow grave has been discovered in Oxford alongside a set of coins struck by

Mass grave of massacred vikings found

A mass grave containing at least 35 skeletons has been found in Oxford, England. They may be the bodies of Vikings massacred in 1002 when King Ethelred the Unready ordered all the Danes in England to be killed. It was obvious at the time of excavation that many of the skulls

Ancient Native American site mysteriously destroyed

An ancient American Indian site in Oxford, Alabama has been destroyed, and no one knows by whom. A Jacksonville State University professor says an ancient American Indian site Oxford city officials agreed not to disturb has been destroyed, but he does not know by whom. City officials say they have done nothing

Bronze Age burial site unearthed in central Oxford

Archaeologists in central Oxford, England have unearthed what could be a prehistoric Bronze Age burial site. The experts discovered traces of three large "ring ditches", which could have been Bronze Age burial sites. A Mola spokesman said: "Ring ditches are, as the name suggests, circular ditches, which are often the remains of

The 7 most impressive libraries ever

The News in Print blog has compiled a list of the seven most impressive libraries from through history. Another early library was the Celsus Library in Ephesus, built in 110 A.D. by the Council Gaius Julius Aquila. The library became one of the largest collections of antiquity, storing an estimated 12,000