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Neolithic earthwork found in England

A Neolithic earthwork consisting of three concentric ditches as been found in Oxfordshire, England. The Thame example has three roughly concentric ditch circuits enclosing an area of high ground overlooking the valley of the River Thame. Later in the Neolithic, a small henge monument was constructed within the causewayed enclosure. A second,

Neolithic pot found in Oxfordshire

One of the oldest complete pots found in England has been uncovered at a housing development in Oxfordshire. Archaeologist Rob Masefield said they could determine its age by the nature of the pot. He said: "Pots change shape and form, and in the Neolithic, this is the first farmers, they had round

Drought reveals Bronze Age graves

A drought in Oxfordshire has revealed several Bronze Age graves. Hot air balloon pilot Michael Wolf, of Reading Road, Wallingford, was training another pilot near North Stoke when they spotted several dark circles in a farmer’s field. Crops had grown at different speeds because of ancient ditches hidden beneath the

White Horse Hill gets rechalked

The age-old tradition of "scouring" (read: rechalking) one of Britain's most mysterious ancient monuments has been revived. For centuries locals used to clamber up White Horse hill near the village of Uffington in Oxfordshire, freshen up the prancing creature carved into the chalky slopes and enjoy folk music, games and one