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3,500-year-old pagan vessels found in Israel

A cache of 3,500-year-old pagan religious vessels have been unearthed in northern Israel. The items were found during an excavation ordered by the Israel Antiquities Authority along the route of a new gas line in the country's north. Excavating a rock hollow, archeologists found more than 100 intact artifacts, including

2,000-year-old pagan altar unearthed in Jerusalem

A 2,000-year-old incense altar has been uncovered at a hospital construction site in Israel. Israeli archaeologists say workers have uncovered an ancient pagan altar while clearing ground for construction of a hotly disputed hospital emergency room. They say the discovery proves an ancient cemetery at the site that has been

Stonehenge left littered with rubbish after summer solstice party

Stonehenge was left draped in litter after 36,500 revellers descended on the ancient site to celebrate the summer solstice. Druid Jim Saunders, 33, from Reading, is a member of the Aes Dana Grove order. 'It is nice to see a lot of people here because there is no better place to

Rome to open up underground wonders to tourists

Thirty previously unseen-by-the-public sites will soon be opened up for tourists in Rome. They include the Ludus Magnus, the barracks beneath the Colosseum where gladiators assembled before entering the great arena to meet their fate; the well-preserved necropolis of Santa Rosa at the Vatican, with tombs from the 1st to the