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15th-century printed page found in university archive

A page from a book printed in 1476 has been found in the archives of the University of Reading. The 540-year-old leaf comes from a medieval priests' handbook that had been printed by William Caxton, who introduced the printing press to England, according to a statement from the University of Reading. "I

Armenian church sues Getty Museum over Bible pages

An Armenian church in Californa is suing the Getty Museum over seven pages from a 13th century Bible which the church says the museum bought illegally. The Western Prelacy claims that the seven pages, which date back to 1256, were ripped from the Armenian Orthodox Church's Zeyt'un Gospels during the

Priceless Koran manuscripts dumped in bin by theives

Theives who robbed the house of an antique manuscript collector did not know what to make of the handwritten Koran pages they pilfered, and dumped them in a bin around the corner. Lucky break for the collector! "These manuscripts are priceless and are normally kept in a very secure place," he