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Recipe for Maya blue paint deciphered

April 15th, 2013 | by Admin

A group of chemists believe they have finally cracked the recipe of the incredibly durable blue paint the Maya used. [&hellip

100,000-year-old painters kits found

October 27th, 2011 | by Admin

100,000-year-old kits using to process ochre into paint have been found in South Africa. In this study, Christopher Henshilwood of [&hellip

Iron Age houses weren’t drab

August 11th, 2011 | by Admin

A painted wall which dates back 2,600 years shows that Iron Age houses were decorated in bright patterns. The dominant [&hellip

Stone Age homes were painted

November 2nd, 2010 | by Admin

Red, yellow and orange pigments have been found on 5,000-year-old Stone Age homes on Orkney. It is the earliest ever [&hellip

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