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100,000-year-old painters kits found

100,000-year-old kits using to process ochre into paint have been found in South Africa. In this study, Christopher Henshilwood of the University of Bergen in Norway and his colleagues report two ochre-processing "toolkits" at Blombos, dated to 100,000 years ago with a technique called optically stimulated luminescence, which measures how long

How Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy has been used on the Mona Lisa, revealing the secret behind how Leonardo da Vinci, using rudimentary pigments in 1503, created such subtle shadows and light on the painting. Da Vinci used a renaissance painting technique called "sfumato," mixing thin layers of pigment, glaze and oil intricately

Monet stayed in room next to Monet Suite at the Savoy

A study has showed that Claude Monet painted from a room next to room billed as the Monet Suite at the Savoy. For £720 per person, art lovers could stay in the room from which the artist famously spent six months painting his landscapes of the River Thames in London.

Is La Bella Principessa really a Da Vinci?

Is La Bella Principessa really a $150 million Leonardo Da Vinci or just a copy? Visiting a friend in Switzerland, he opened a drawer and found himself looking at an unframed drawing of a young girl in profile, wearing Renaissance costume. Executed in ink and coloured chalks on a sheet

Coiled snake appears in painting of Queen Elizabeth I

Deterioration of a 16th century painting of Queen Elizabeth I has revealed a mysterious coiled snake in her hands. The serpent was depicted being clasped in the Tudor monarch's fingers in the original version of the work - but it was painted over at the last minute and replaced

The oldest painting to feature an image of a watch

A 450-year-old Renaissance painting may be the oldest to feature the image of a watch. The Science Museum is investigating the 450-year-old portrait, thought to be of Cosimo I de Medici, Duke of Florence, holding a golden timepiece. Curators have sent their findings to renaissance experts at the Uffizi gallery in Florence,

$20,000 portrait revealed to be $160,000,000 da Vinci

Experts believe a painting can be attributed to the master Leonardo da Vinci after discovering his fingerprint on the portrait. A Paris laboratory has found that a fingerprint on the picture is 'highly comparable' to one on a da Vinci work in the Vatican, which was painted early in the artist's

1908 Adolf Hitler painting up for auction

A painting by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler from 1908 is expected to fetch more than $16,000 when it hits the auction block next month. The five by three inch painting bears the hated Fuhrer's instantly-recognisable signature and its subject matter correspond with Hitler's activities the year it was painted. He was rejected