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Ancient palace excavated in Oaxaca

A 2,300-year-old palace in Mexico's Valley of Oaxaca has been excavated by a team of researchers from the American Museum of Natural History. Remnants of a royal palace in southern Mexico, dating to between around 2,300 and 2,100 years ago, come from what must have been one of the Americas’ earliest

Anglo-Saxon royal palace found at Rendlesham

A large structure which may be an Anglo-Saxon royal palace has been found via aerial photography at Rendlesham. The remains at the 120-acre (50 hectare) site were found with aerial photography and geophysical surveys. "We have discovered what we think is a large Anglo Saxon Hall, which could be the palace itself,

Mycenaean palace complex excavated at Laconia

Excavations at Laconia in Greece have led to the discovery of a Mycenaean palace complex which dates back to the 14-15th centuries B.C. The fire that destroyed the complex is also believed to have preserved a sanctuary, which has yielded valuable evidence such as clay and ivory idols, decorative objects and

Bronze Age palace discovered in Spain

The audience hall of a Bronze Age palace has been found in southeastern Spain at La Almoloya. Archaeologists have discovered a palatial construction with an audience hall which makes up the first specifically political precincts built in continental Europe. A prince's tomb in the subsoil contains the largest amount of grave

Remains of palace found opposite the Taj Mahal

The remains of a summer palace has been found at the Mehtab Bagh garden located opposite from the Taj Mahal. "The remains of the baradari-like structure have been found just opposite the Taj Mahal which strengthens our belief that the Mughal emperor must have built this place to enjoy the view

Ancient palace found in Japan

A palace complex dating back to the 3rd century has been found at the Makimuku archaeological site. "The latest finding virtually confirms that buildings stood in a regular geometry along the central axis of a quadrangular area stretching 150 meters from east to west," said Hironobu Ishino, director of the Hyogo

Bronze Age palace discovered in Turkey

A massive 4,500-year-old palace has been found during excavations at the Kultepe mound in central Turkey. “There is no such a huge building like this in Anatolia and Middle East. We are only at the certain part of the building right now. We will see an enormous structure once we discover

China unearths ruined palace near terracotta army

Excavations near Xi'an reveal vast ancient palace complex a quarter of the size of Beijing's Forbidden City. The palace is the largest complex discovered so far in the emperor's sprawling 22 square-mile (56 square-km) second-century BC mausoleum, which lies on the outskirts of Xi'an, an ancient capital city in central China,