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Maya tomb entered for first time in 1,500 years

Researchers in Mexico have entered, for the first time, a 1,500-year-old Maya tomb that was found in the Maya city of Palenque in 1999. An entrance to a Maya burial chamber is decorated with vibrant red wall murals—the first look scientists have gotten of a mysterious tomb discovered in 1999. For the

Archaeologists enter 1,500-year-old Maya tomb

Archaeologists have entered a 1,500-year-old Maya tomb found at the ancient city of Palenque in Mexico. Before the group of specialists could enter the mortuary chamber (last Tuesday) the lens of a tiny video camera had been the only one to have captured the interior of this chamber. The first occasion

Wall panel shows Mayan ruler had previously unknown son

The 7th-century Mayan ruler Pakal had a previously unknown second son, according to a recently analyzed wall panel in Palenque. In 2009, an epigraphist from Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History, Guillermo Bernal Romero, interpreted the glyphic text found in the recovered panel fragments and found mention of a second

Mayans knew their land was underwater in prehistory

The Mayans who lived in the ancient city of Palenque knew the land they lived on used to be underwater due to fossils found in the region. Fossils found at the ancient city of Palenque, Chiapas shows Maya people conceived their beliefs of the underworld from them, associating the beliefs

Mayan fountain unearthed in Palenque

USA Today has posted an interesting article about the fountain found late last year in the Mayan city of Palenque. Excavations reveal the 217-foot-long, spring-fed "Piedras Bolas" aqueduct underneath Palenque was designed to narrow at its end, producing a high-pressure fountain.  It's the first example of deliberately-engineered hydraulic pressure

Ancient Mayans likely had fountains and toilets

The ancient Mayans had enough engineering know-how to master running water, creating toilets and even fountains. Perhaps the earliest known example of the intentional creation of water pressure was found on the island of Crete in a Minoan palace dating back to roughly 1400 BC. In the New World, the ability