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Paleolithic child’s skull found with imprinted image of his brain

A skull found at Calabria's Paleolithic site in Italy has been used to recreate the brain of a 12-year-old boy who lived 17,000 years ago. “The boy was still growing and therefore the bones of his skull were quite soft,” explained Fabio Martini, a professor of ancient history at the University

Paleolithic stone tools found in Kurdistan

Paleolithic stone tools and the remains of burned animal bones have been uncovered during excavations in western Iran. The new discoveries suggest that primitive game hunters lived in the region from about 40,000 years ago, until the end of Ice Age, around 12,000 years ago. “The new finds provide researchers with valuable

Ancient engraving may represent paleolithic campsite

A paleolithic engraving found in Spain may depict a hunter-gatherer campsite. Landscapes and features of the everyday world were scarcely represented in Paleolithic art, especially those features associated with the human landscape (huts and campsites). On the contrary, other figurative motifs (especially animals) and signs, traditionally linked to the magic or

Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers ground oats with pestles

Tests carried out on a 32,000-year-old stone pestle found in Italy have revealed that it was used to grind dried oats. It is regarded as one of Scotland's national dishes and the cornerstone of hearty breakfasts going back centuries. But now scientists say that the secrets of making porridge may in fact

Paleolithic milk-based paint found on stone tool

Researchers studying residue found on a 49,000-year-old stone tool have discovered a paint made from milk and ochre. While the use of ochre by early humans dates to at least 250,000 years ago in Europe and Africa, this is the first time a paint containing ochre and milk has ever been

Animal fats found on 500,000-year-old tools

Animal fats residue has been found on 500,000-year-old flint tools unearthed in southern Israel. The archaeological record indicates that elephants must have played a significant role in early human diet and culture during Palaeolithic times in the Old World. However, the nature of interactions between early humans and elephants is still

Paleolithic Venus figurine found in France

A 23,000-year-old limestone Venus figurine has been uncovered in northern France. "We were expecting to find classical vestiges such as tooled flint or bones," said archaeologist Clement Paris. But on their second day of fieldwork, the team found a pile of limestone that included fragments which did not seem natural. "That same night

The real Paleo Diet: Snails

New research has revealed that ancient humans ate snails as a regular part of their diet. Hundreds of burnt snail shells were found near fireplaces along with tools and other animal remains in rock shelters along a cliff in Spain. The finding suggests Paleolithic people on the Iberian Peninsula ate snails