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Wreckage of two WWII bombers found off Papua New Guinea

The wrecks of two B-25 bombers have been found in the waters off of Papua New Guinea. Using a sonar-equipped underwater robot, a University of Delaware scientist and colleagues have discovered the wreckage of a B-25 bomber that was shot down in the waters off what is now Papua New Guinea

3,000-year-old pottery found in Papua New Guinea

A piece of red, glossy pottery has been found in Papua New Guinea that dates back 3,000 years. It was found in the highlands region, well away from the coast where there was regular contact with other seafaring pottery making cultures such as the Lapita people. "It's an example of how technology

Phallic stone tools found in Papua New Guinea

6,000-year-old stone tools, shaped like phalluses, have been found on Papua New Guinea's New Britain Island. The discovery suggests ancient PNG societies traded decorative objects much earlier than previously thought, according to archaeologists from the Australian Museum Research Institute. “I was very surprised by the finds because there were five tools all

Ancient high-altitude living

Evidence has been found in Papua New Guinea which shows that people were living at high altitudes as early as 49,000 years ago. Stone tools and plant remains indicate that, as early as 49,000 years ago, people lived 2,000 meters, or 1.2 miles, above sea level in Papua New Guinea’s

WWII remains on Papua New Guinea are Indian POWs

The remains of individuals dating back to World War II, originally thought to be those of Australian diggers, have been found to belong to Indian prisoners of war. "It was determined that the remains represented five individuals and were those of Indian soldiers interned by Japanese forces as prisoners of war,"