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Evidence of malaria parasites found on Roman teeth

Genetic evidence for the presence of malaria has been found on ancient Roman teeth. While historical written sources allude to fevers resembling malaria killing people in the ancient Greece and Roman Empires, it was not clear whether plasmodium parasites were to blame, or the type of illnesses that struck these ancient

King Richard III suffered from roundworms

Evidence of roundworms, a parasite spread through ingestion of food and water contaminated by fecal matter, has been found in the grave of Richard III. Several eggs were found in samples taken from the pelvis, where the king's intestines would have been, but not from the skull and only very small

Ancient toilet reveals Medieval crusaders were infected by parasites

Examination of a toilet in a castle in Cyprus has found that medieval crusaders were plagued with intestinal parasites. Under a microscope, the researchers saw that the samples contained the eggs of two of the world's most common and widespread intestinal parasites: whipworms (Trichuris trichiura), which cause the infection known as