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Mass graves of plague victims found in Paris

The remains of more than 200 people have been uncovered by construction in Paris. The site was formerly the cemetery of a hospital that functioned from the 12th to the 17th century but it was believed the corpses had been moved in the 18th century to the Paris Catacombs which house

Inside a Parisian apartment unopened for 70 years

An apartment in Paris that has remained uninhabited since before WW2 has been opened after the ower died recently. Inside was a three million dollar painting. The woman who owned the flat had left for the south of France before the Second World War and never returned. But when she

Constructing the Eiffel Tower

Check out this awesome collection of blueprints and photographs showing the construction of the Eiffel Tower.[View photos]

Louvre to return Egyptian burial frescoes

The Louvre museum in Paris, France, will return five Egyptian frescoes that were stolen from a tomb in the 1980s. The announcement comes two days after the head of antiquities in Cairo said he would cease all co-operation with the museum until they were sent back. The Egyptians say the Louvre bought

The father of modern terrorism

The BBC has posted an interesting article about a man named Emile Henry who, on February 12, 1894, threw a bomb into a crowded cafe and, in doing so, arguably began the age of modern terrorism. Unable to feed his family, Vaillant had thrown a small bomb into the Chamber of

Soviet statues from 1937 World’s Fair uncovered

At a French 17th century chateau achaeologists are recovering statues, possibly Stalinist propaganda, that were part of the 1937 Paris World Fair. As Mr. Gentili ventured onto the grounds, he found a centuries-old "ice chest" -- a 15-foot-deep hole in which people used to store ice. He opened a hatch, obstructed