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Ancient Roman cemetery found beneath parking lot

A 1,700-year-old Roman cemetery has been found beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England. The new discovery, found at the junction of Newarke and Oxford Streets, includes numerous burials and skeletal remains from 13 individuals, both male and female of various ages. The cemetery is estimated to date back to around

Possible Maori skull found under New Zealand car park

A human skull, thought to be of Maori origin, has been found underneath a hospital parking lot in New Zealand. Work on the car park, which is part of a $67 million redevelopment of the hospital, was stopped after the skull was found about 11.30am [last week]. A police liaison officer, along

Archaeologists may have found Richard III’s skeleton

Archaeologists have been searching for the body of King Richard III underneath a parking lot in England. Now they have uncovered human remains and are proceeding to genetically test them to see if they belong to the king. Archaeologists searching for the body of England's King Richard III under a city

Remnants of Gold Rush village found beneath downtown San Francisco

Evidence of a 19th century village, including dollars, a tent, tableware, and lots of liquor bottles, has been found underneath a parking lot in downtown San Francisco. Underneath the asphalt, archeologists rummaged through what used to be shopkeepers’ and entrepreneurs’ homes that once sat between two enormous sand dunes. “This working class