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Parthenon in danger of crumbling

After a boulder of "considerable size" fell off of the Acropolis in Athens, researchers have found that there is instability over a wide area of the flat-topped rock on which the Parthenon sites. Work to shore up the southern slope of the hill on which the 2,500-year-old temple complex sits will

The 6 stupidest things ever done with historic treasures

We've done some pretty stupid things with some priceless historical treasures. has compiled a list. #5 Mummies Used as Firewood We typically think of mummies as dead Pharaohs, but just about anybody could buy a mummification option with their funeral plan back then. In fact, many would save up for their

New evidence suggest Parthenon was originally coloured

Researched from the British Museum have found tiny traces of paint on some of the Parthenon's statues and friezes. At the museum, an imaging technique called photo-induced luminescence was used to detect microscopic specks of pigment. When red light is shone onto the molecules of Egyptian blue, they absorb it and

Greece to ban gum and high heels from parts of Acropolis

Greece is planning to ban chewing gum and high heels at parts of the Acropolis, saying that they are causing irreparable damage. The archaeologists claim the more than 350,000 annual visitors to the Odeon of Herod Atticus are now detrimental to the venue. Two years ago, cleaning crews reportedly removed 27 kilos