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Two sunken WWII Japanese submarines found off Hawaii

Researchers have found two sunken WWII Japanese submarines off Oahu, including one sub meant to carry aircraft for attacks on American cities and the Panama Canal. The submarines, among five that were captured by American forces at the end of the war and taken to Pearl Harbor for study, were found off

Update: USS Arizona items pulled from auction

Yesterday I posted about how a silver tea service salvaged from the USS Arizona was set to hit the auction block. The item has now been pulled. Cowan's Auctions, a Cincinnati resale house specializing in American historical and military items, had planned to sell the 24 pieces on Dec. 9, with

Silver tea service removed from USS Arizona up for auction

A silver tea service that went down with the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor is set to hit the auction block. The sale is drawing controversy over the fact that it was salvaged in the first place. UPDATE: The item has now been pulled from the auction. The 24 pieces from the