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Inscribed jade pendant found in Belize

An inscribed jade pendant has been found at the Maya frontier site of Nim Li Punit in Belize. A team of San Diego scientists was not expecting to find a precious jade pendant fit for a Maya king during a recent dig in southern Belize. But in 2015, they dug up

Mesolithic pendant found in Britain

An 11,000-year-old pendant has been found at an Early Mesolithic site in North Yorkshire. The artwork on the tiny fragile pendant, uncovered by a research team from the Universities of York, Manchester and Chester, is the earliest known Mesolithic art in Britain. Crafted from a single piece of shale, the subtriangular

12,300-year-old pendants found in Alaska

Researchers working in Alaska have uncovered a pair of 12,300-year-old pendants that may be some of the first examples of artwork in North America. “We think it might be a pendant, an ornament, maybe worn near the face,” Potter said. And what might they mean? “Art serves as a way to fix social

Anglo-Saxon pendant found in Norfolk

An archaeology student exploring a private field with a metal detector stumbled across a gold and jewelled pendant, leading to the grave of an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman. The pendant is the undoubted star find from the excavation, but there are other items to indicate that this was a noblewoman of wealth and

25,000-year-old stone pendant unearthed

A stone pendant has been unearthed in Spain's Basque region which dates back 25,000 years. Alvaro Arrizabalaga, excavation director said the 10cm pendant is very well preserved and will be removed to a public museum from the dig, located 20 km from San Sebastian near the border with France. Arrizabalaga says the

Multiple burial found in Chiapas pyramid mound

The remains of two men have been found in a tomb unearthed in the Chiapa de Corzo Archaeological Project. Archaeologist Lowe, in charge of excavations at the hill of Mound 11, announced the second finding a few months ago, when the last field season at the Mixe-Zoque site concluded. “We