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Remains of Spanish Flu victims found next to Pennsylvania highway

Remains found in an embankment next to a Pennsylvania highway may belong to people killed by the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918. Kevin Mock, an archaeologist with PennDOT, told Reuters on Friday he could see leg bones and part of a jaw bone protruding from the embankment. He said there were

African-American cemetery unearthed in Pennsylvania

An African-American cemetery, dating back to the 19th century, has been unearthed in Philadelphia, PA. Amelia Brown was likely a member of Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church, the oldest African-American church in the country. At the time, the late 18th century, cemeteries in Philadelphia would not accept black people. Also at the time,

Tiny clay face may have been shaman’s effigy

The discovery of an ancient clay face in Pennsylvania is prompting discussion on who made it and what it was for. The head, which was discovered near Ebbert Spring in Franklin Country, Penn., has shells for eyes and tiny holes across its top and sides that may have been used for

Mass grave of Irish immigrants reveals hints of violence

The remains of 57 Irish immigrants have been found in a mass grave in Pennsylvania. It was believed that they succumbed to cholera, but the bones show evidence of murder. Two skulls unearthed at a probable mass grave near Philadelphia this month showed signs of violence, including a possible bullet

Prison construction in Pennsylvania turns up two caskets

Two caskets which may date back to the 1800s were unearthed during a site excavation for the construction of a modular prison unit in Pennsylvania. Work was halted immediately at the site as prison officials called in county Coroner Wallace Miller and well-known forensic anthropologist Dennis Dirkmaat to examine the