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Inscription stone fragments found in Persepolis

Fragments of stone bearing royal inscriptions have been found at the Palace of Xeres in Persepolis, Iran. “The texts of the inscriptions were written by people with a high level of literacy, but the mistakes happened when the engravers cut the texts into the stones," said Basello’s colleague, Adriano V. Rossi,

Part of Persepolis sewage system uncovered

20 meters of canal making up the ancient sewer system of Persepolis has been uncovered in southern Iran. The sewage system is located in the southwest of the Achaemenid city near the city of Shiraz. The team dug down about five meters to reach the canal, Asadi said. A number of stone bas-reliefs

Wooden covers ruin Persepolis stairways

Wooden covers set up to protect the stairways of Persepolis have actually caused more damage. Humidity and lack of planning for removal of garbage dumped by visitors at the site have created ideal conditions for growth of various types of fungus, lichen, and plants under the wooden covers, the