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Monumental structure found via satellite at Petra

High-resolution satellite imagery of the ancient site of Petra in Jordan has revealed traces of a previously unknown monument. The newly revealed structure consists of a 184-by-161-foot (about 56-by-49-meter) platform that encloses a slightly smaller platform originally paved with flagstones. The east side of the interior platform had been lined with

Evidence of terrace farming unearthed at Petra

Archaeologists working at the ancient city of Petra in Jordan have found evidence that terrace farming and dams were used to cultivate crops. The successful terrace farming of wheat, grapes and possibly olives, resulted in a vast, green, agricultural "suburb" to Petra in an otherwise inhospitable, arid landscape. This terrace farming

Stunning cave paintings restored in Petra

Artworks hidden under 2,000 years of soot and grime in Petra, Jordan, have been restored. Spectacular 2,000-year-old Hellenistic-style wall paintings have been revealed at the world heritage site of Petra through the expertise of British conservation specialists. The paintings, in a cave complex, had been obscured by centuries of black

Cracks in Petra’s Siq walls threaten site

Cracks appearing in the high Siq walls outside of Petra are threatening to collapse upon the 2,000-year-old site.With the high season approaching for tourism in Petra, thousands of tourists will pass through the Nabataean city’s Siq each day, unaware that segments of the fragile sandstone gorge are at risk of