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Pharaoh with gigantism identified

The remains of a Third-Dynansty pharaoh who stood more than 6 feet tall may have had gigantism. Ancient Egyptian kings were likely better fed and in better health than commoners of the era, so they could be expected grow taller than average. Still, the over-6-foot-tall remains the scientists analyzed would have

Examination shows Pharaoh died in battle

An examination carried out on the remains of the Pharaoh SenebKay shows that the king was killed in battle. The King was probably on his horse when he was attacked and hit at his lower back then ankles till he got on the ground when the attackers brutally killed him with

Could the pharaohs read hieroglyphics?

New research suggests that Egyptian royal children were educated and could probably read and write. "Relatively late sources suggest that even one of the first rulers of Egypt - Aha - mastered the writing skill. He was believed to be an author of a few medical treaties, although the reliability of

King Ramesses III was murdered

A forensic analysis carried out on the mummy of King Ramesses III has revealed that the pharaoh had his throat slit. The first CT scans to examine the king's mummy reveal a cut to the neck deep enough to be fatal. The secret has been hidden for centuries by the bandages covering

Granite statue of Egyptian pharaoh found in Luxor

A royal statue made out of black granite of an unidentified New Kingdom pharaoh has been found at Monthu Temple in Luxor, Egypt. The statue is 125 centimetres tall and made of black granite and depicts a standing king wearing short dress with hands aside. Christopher Tiers, head of the archaeological mission,

Rare wooden pharaoh statue found

Archaeologists working in the south of Egypt have unearthed a rare wooden statue of a pharoah which may represent the female king Hatshepsut. The pharaonic figure is not obviously a female, said Pouls Wegner, but is notable for its "smaller waist" and the "more delicate modelling of the chin." These attributes were

Name of previously unknown pharaoh found

Researchers working at the Karnak Temple Complex in Egypt have discovered the previously unknown name of a 17th dynasty pharaoh. It was the IFAO mission headed by Christophe Thiers that found a limestone door at the north of Amon’s temple dated back to 17th dynasty with hieroglyphics inscriptions and a royal

More than 80 animal mummies found at Egyptian site

Archaeologists working in Egypt have uncovered a trove of animal mummies, as well as a wooden statue of Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh who ruled 3,500 years ago. Packed tightly into one of the chambers, the team discovered a cache of at least 83 animal mummies, which dates back more than 2,000