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Phoenician genome mapped

Scientists have mapped the genome of a Phoenician male who lived 2,500 years ago. To find European lineage in North Africa dating from 2,500 years ago was “very unexpected”, the professor said. The scientists were expecting to find DNA of indigenous North African lineage, because of the location, or from the

Italian Prime Minister failed to declare 30 ancient tombs on his land

The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has failed to declare the presence of 30 Phoenician tombs on his land, dating back to 300BC. But officials say there is no record of him reporting any finds - a legal requirement for all Italians - and opposition MPs have called for a probe. In

Phoenician replica readies for Mediterranean crossing

A team of 20 rowers aim to cross the Mediterranean Sea, from Turkey to France, in a replica Phoenician-style "bireme" ship. "It’s the most precise replica of the boats from that era possible. It was built from what was found during digs," said the boats captain, archeologist Osman Erkurt. The Kybele, whose