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Face of Pictish man reconstructed

The face of a Pictish man who lived between 340 - 615 A.D. has been digitally reconstructed. “The facial reconstruction is based on the skull at the time and it has helped us to identify a number of features, such as a strong brow and chin.” The archaeologists are now looking to

Pictish cross slab recovered from eroding cliff in Orkney

An 8th-century Pictish cross slab revealed by cliff erosion in Orkney has been recovered. Erosion by the stormy sea surrounding Orkney is always seen as a tangible threat to coastal archaeological sites. This situation is brought home especially during the winter months when high tides and powerful winds combine to batter the

Royal evidence found in Pictish village

Archaeologists working in the Scottish village of Rhynie have discovered that the settlement was a seat of "royal" power during the Pictish era. "This means that what we thought was a backwater in this part of Britain may well be much more significant and that Rhynie can take its place as

A look at the mysterious Pictish language of Scotland

The mystery surrounding the ancient Pictish language is deepening as linguits examine the Pict stones in Scotland. They used a mathematical method to quantify patterns contained within the symbols, in an effort to find out if they conveyed meaning. Professor Lee described the basis of this method. "If I told