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Ancient pictographs defaced with paintballs

Vandals in British Columbia have damaged an ancient pictograph by shooting paint balls at it. While police investigate, provincial archaeologist Al Mackie is trying to decide what to do next. He says if the paint splatter is water soluble they'll just leave it and let rain wash away the vandal's handiwork. "If

Idaho pictographs defaced by graffiti

Vandals/idiots/yobs have defaced ancient pictographs in Lewiston's Hells Gate State Park, Idaho, by spray-painting graffiti over them. Some of the animal figure and geometric pictographs on the basalt wall are believed to be 2,500 years old. Idaho state archaeologist Ken Reid told the Lewiston Tribune that the damage violates

Stone Age pictographs get a second look

Scientists are reexamining pictographs scattered amoung the illustrations of animals which adorn the walls of many Stone Age cave dwellings. Some surprising common symbols have been found in caves across the world. When faced with such spectacular beauty, who could blame the visiting anthropologists for largely ignoring the modest