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Hoard of Roman and Pictish silver found in Scotland

A hoard of more than 100 pieces of Roman and Pictish silver has been discovered in a field in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. "Silver objects were chopped up into bullion and then used and exchanged as payment, bribes, tribute and reward. People buried their wealth to keep it safe, but many did not

Pictish royal burial discovered in Scotland

An early Pictish burial has been found during an archaeological dig in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The remains were found in a carefully made sandstone grave, which the experts believe suggests the person was of high status. It is the first time remains of a body have been uncovered at the site. Project leader Dr

Royal evidence found in Pictish village

Archaeologists working in the Scottish village of Rhynie have discovered that the settlement was a seat of "royal" power during the Pictish era. "This means that what we thought was a backwater in this part of Britain may well be much more significant and that Rhynie can take its place as

Carved Pictish symbol found in Scottish farm wall

Archaeologists in Scotland have found a stone, built into a farmhouse, which features a carved Pictish symbol depicting a beast of some kind. A lack of weathering on the Pictish beast may suggest the stone had been kept inside, or had been buried, for a long period before it was placed

1,300-year-old Christian monastery found in Scotland

A monastery, built by the Picts 1,300 years ago, has been found in Scotland. Aerial photographs showing a faint line in fields around a village in Highland Perthshire have mystified archaeologists for decades. Crop marks in the village of Fortingall, famous for its 5,000-year-old yew tree, seem to indicate an ancient

A look at the mysterious Pictish language of Scotland

The mystery surrounding the ancient Pictish language is deepening as linguits examine the Pict stones in Scotland. They used a mathematical method to quantify patterns contained within the symbols, in an effort to find out if they conveyed meaning. Professor Lee described the basis of this method. "If I told

New ancient Scottish written language discovered

Rock art that shows carved depictions of soldiers, horses and other figures has turned out to actually part of an ancient written language. He and colleagues Philip Jonathan and Pauline Ziman analyzed the engravings, found on the few hundred known Pictish Stones. The researchers used a mathematical process known as