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Terracotta army colour mystery solved

Researchers have solved the mystery of how colourful pigment were adhered to the surface of the Terracotta warriors created for China's first emperor. Archaeological excavations and research conducted since the discovery of the First Emperor's polychrome army have revealed "the surfaces of the terracotta warriors were initially covered with one or

Researchers digitally restore colourful Buddhist statue

A team of researchers from Japan have digitally restored an 8th-century Buddhist statue back to it's colourful original appearance. As a result of two years of research, the team used computer graphics technology to re-create the colors of the rich-colored patterns of the statue from the Tenpyo Period (729-749), based on

Stone Age homes were painted

Red, yellow and orange pigments have been found on 5,000-year-old Stone Age homes on Orkney. It is the earliest ever example of man using paint to decorate their properties in Britain, if not in Europe. Until now experts believed that it was the Romans who were the first to introduce

Ancient decorated pigments clue to origins of modern human behaviour

Designs etched into of 13 pieces of red ochre dating back 100,000 years may give a clue to the roots of modern human behaviour. Much debate surrounds the issue of when and where language, religion, symbolic decorations and other facets of modern human behavior originated. Researchers such as Henshilwood hypothesize that