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Remains of pilgrim found at Medieval leprosy hospital

The remains of a Christian pilgrim have been found at the medieval cemetery at St. Mary Magdalen leprosarium in Winchester, England. The pilgrim's burial was excavated as part of a larger, eight-year-long archaeological project focusing on the leprosarium of St Mary Magdalen. Over 100 individual burials were discovered at this site,

Plymouth settlement excavated in Boston

Archaeologists have uncovered part of the original settlement of Pilgrims who arrived at Plymouth in 1620. The breakthrough occurred on Burial Hill, a rise that includes a centuries-old cemetery where historical lore had long placed part of the first settlement. But archeologists had never dug there before — partly through concerns

Göbekli Tepe obsidian blades belonged to pilgrims

Analyses of 11,000-year-old obsidian blades found at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, suggests that the site was the hub of a pilgrimage. "The real strength of our work is this incredible specificity; we can say exactly which mountain it comes from, and sometimes even which flank of the volcano," Carter told LiveScience

Divers explore submerged Mayan pilgrimage site

Scuba divers are exploring the depths of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where they have found an ancient site where Mayan pilgrams flocked to worship. "No one believed me, even when I told them all about it. They just said 'he's mad'," said Roberto Samayoa, a businessman and recreational diver who grew

Ritual bath found in Jerusalem

A ritual bath, used by Jewish pilgrims coming to the Temple Mount, has been found in Jerusalem. The bath is located next to the Temple Mount, the compound in Jerusalem's Old City where two Biblical Temples stood. The second was destroyed by Roman legions in 70 A.D. The Israel Antiquities Authority says

Second Temple Period stepped street discovered in Israel

A section of a stepped street paved in stone slabs has been found 550 meters south of the Temple Mount. According to Prof. Ronny Reich, "In the Second Temple Period, pilgrims would begin the ascent to the Temple from here. This is the southernmost tip of the road, of which a