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Pioneers skull found in Winnipeg

The skull of a teenage pioneer has been found by crews digging a water main line in Winnipeg. Archeologist Brian Smith says judging by the size of the bones, the person was likely a teenager. He says the individual appears to have been properly buried in a coffin about 125 years

Pioneer remains found in Ontario

Two skeletons, believed to belong to pioneers, have been found at Crystal Beach in Ontario, Canada. They're both close to each other and oriented in an east/west direction, which is kind of the method of a Christian burial," said senior archeologist Martin Cooper. "Right now, we're leaning towards them being

Fragment of pioneer’s skull found in Wyoming

A skull fragment which may have belonged to a pioneer on the Oregon trail has been found in Wyoming. It's not uncommon for burial sites to be discovered along the Oregon, California and Mormon trails, according to Rick Weathermon, senior research scientist with the university's Department of Anthropology. He can recall about