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Pompeii homes had upstairs toilets

Unfortunately, due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., the second story of most Pompeii homes have been destroyed. However, vertical pipes leading upstairs suggest that many homes had upstairs toilets. One residential district, known to archaeologists as Region 6, does indeed have toilets on the ground story of

Inscribed Ottoman-era pipe found in Jerusalem

A pipe inscribed with the phrase "Love is the language for lovers" has been found in Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter. Literally translated, the inscription reads "Heart is language for the lover." And, not surprisingly, it was most likely a gift to a lover, according to Shahar Puni, of the Israel Antiquities Authority. "Clay

Roman ships had on-board fish tanks

A piece of lead piping found in the hull of a Roman shipwreck may be part of a pumping system for keeping fish alive on board. Historians have assumed that in ancient times fresh fish were eaten close to where they were caught, because without refrigeration they would have rotted during

400-year-old personalized smoking pipes found at Jamestown

Fragments of 400-year-old smoking pipes, bearing what may be the earliest printing in English America, have been found in Jamestown, Virginia. Stamped with the names of Sir Walter Raleigh and other eminent men back in England, the pipes may have been intended to impress investors—underscoring Jamestown's fundamentally commercial nature. "Finding