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Ancient Brazilians reused homes for centuries

An analysis of ancient pit houses found in Brazil suggest that the homes were occupied continuously for centuries. Though larger communal pit houses were sometimes abandoned, the new evidence shows smaller dwellings were continuously inhabited. For centuries, single families or groups of families would reside in the same house -- building

4th-century pit houses found in Japan

Archaeologists working in Japan's Nara Prefecture have unearthed the 4th-century remains of pit houses and ditches. “The site occupies a prominent area,” said Fumiaki Imao, a senior researcher at the institute, adding that the structures may have been used for rituals under the direct control of the early Yamato imperial court. The

Utah utilities crew unearths ancient pit house

A utility crew working in Salt Lake City, Utah have unearthed an ancient pit house while replacing a gas line. Researchers have found spear points and animal bones, including rabbit, deer and possibly elk, said Lance McNees, of EcoLogic Environmental Consultants, which contracts with Questar. "We knew we really had something here,"

Road construction in Utah unearths Fremont Indian pit house

Road works in Utah's Nine Mile Canyon has unearthed a Fremont Indian pit house. The pit house Patterson's crew is excavating is the first of its kind to be found so far up Nine Mile Canyon, he said. It's also the first to be found with a burnt roof, which means