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WWII plane crash site found in France

A British aviation archaeologist believes he has found the site of a WWII plane crash in a farmer's field in France. Graves believes he has located the aircraft in a field near a village in Normandy, and he wants to excavate the site. "If there are any remains here, the police will

British WWII bomber set to be excavated

A researcher in Germany is preparing to excavate a Lancaster Bomber which crashed in mid-April, 1943, with hopes of finding out what happened to the crew. After retiring, Menges began looking into the crash. During that investigation, he learned a day after the crash, German troops carried away two coffins purported

Plane wreckage from 1966 found in French Glacier

Hikers in France have found the wreckage of an Air India plane that went down in 1966, complete with an intact pouch of Indian diplomatic mail. Rescuer Arnaud Christmann said the hikers alerted the tourist office in Chamonix that they had seen something beneath a glacier that looked like a wheel.

WWII Spitfire wreck found in France

A Spitfire which went down near Caen, France, five days after D-Day has been found sticking out of the mud in the Orne estuary. They could see only small parts of the legendary plane at the site, close to the D-Day landmarks of Sword Beach and Pegasus bridge. But after