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Avro Arrow test model found in Lake Ontario

A test model of the Avro Arrow fighter plane has been found at the bottom of Lake Ontario. A somewhat beaten-up test model used in the development of Canada’s much vaunted but secretive Avro Arrow fighter jet has been found covered in zebra mussels upside down on the bottom of Lake

Human remains found at WWII underwater wreck

Human remains have been found near the underwater wreckage of the Tulsamerican, a B-24 Liberator bomber which crashed into the Adriatic Sea on December 17, 1944. “The remains of human bones have been found, but we can’t say anything without further analysis,” Zadar University archaeologist Mate Parica said. The wreckage itself was

Wreckage of two WWII bombers found off Papua New Guinea

The wrecks of two B-25 bombers have been found in the waters off of Papua New Guinea. Using a sonar-equipped underwater robot, a University of Delaware scientist and colleagues have discovered the wreckage of a B-25 bomber that was shot down in the waters off what is now Papua New Guinea

Drought reveals WWII plane wreckage and human remains

Receding water levels have revealed a WWII-era Soviet plane that crashed into a lake in central Poland. The remains of the crew were found inside and have already been recovered. “For now we have managed to find the instrument panel, the engine, a wheel and a well-preserved radio station,” commented Zdzislaw

WWII aircraft found underwater near Republic of Palau

Two WWII aircraft has been found under the waters of the Pacific near the Republic of Palau. The group narrowed their search area and in March 2014, the AUVs found the remainder of the Avenger bomber, which had been missing in action for 70 years. A few days later, sonar images

WWII fighter found preserved in the Sahara desert

A fighter plane which crashed landed in the Sahara during WWII has been found preserved by a Polish oil company worker. [Thanks to Catherine for the heads up!] The Kittyhawk P-40 has remained unseen and untouched since it came down on the sand in June 1942 and has been hailed the

WWII Spitfire pulled from Irish bog

An RAF Spitfire has been pulled from the Irish peat bog it crashed into 70 years ago. Six machine guns and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition were also discovered by archaeologists searching the Inishowen Peninsula in Co Donegal. The British fighter plane was piloted by an American, Roland "Bud" Wolf, who parachuted

WWII Spitfire wreck found in France

A Spitfire which went down near Caen, France, five days after D-Day has been found sticking out of the mud in the Orne estuary. They could see only small parts of the legendary plane at the site, close to the D-Day landmarks of Sword Beach and Pegasus bridge. But after