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Slave quarters unearthed at Maryland plantation

The remains of slave housing has been unearthed at Belvoir, an 19th-century plantation in Maryland. The original structure apparently contained a kitchen and was used by the slaves serving in the plantation house. "There was a large front room with a kitchen hearth for cooking, meals and socializing," said Julie Schablitsky, chief

Slave quarters found at Maryland plantation

The brick floor of a large slave quarters has been found at the plantation home of Francis Scott Key's grandmother, in Maryland. County Archaeologist Al Luckenbach said the finding differs from other known slave quarters. “It’s a very unusual size for a slave quarter,” Luckenbach said. “Most slave quarters are small things.

Remains of 18th century plantation unearthed in Virginia

The remains of a plantation, complete with slave quarters and graveyard, have been unearthed in Danville, Virginia. In 1783, Thomas Fearn — one of the original trustees of the Town of Danville — began acquiring property in that area, ultimately owning more than 1,200 acres. By 1823, the property had changed