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Paleolithic diet included plenty of plants

Remains of edible plants dating back 780,000 years have been found in northern Israel along with evidence of occupation by Homo erectus. Today’s Paleo diet cookbooks might be missing a few pages. Archaeological excavations at a Stone Age site in Israel have revealed the first direct evidence of the sort of

2,500-year-old Cannabis plants found in Chinese tomb

13 Cannabis plants dating back 2,500 years ago have been discovered, covering a man's body, in a tom in northwestern China. The grave is one of a select few ancient Central Eurasian burials that archaeologists have found to contain Cannabis. This particular grave, located in northwestern China, sheds new light on

Spain’s Red Lady was buried with flowers

Pollen found in the 18,700-year-old tomb of Spain's Red Lady suggest that she was buried with flowers. The burial of the so-called Red Lady, dating back to the Upper Palaeolithic, was discovered in El Mirón cave (Cantabria) in 2010. The Journal of Archaeological Science has devoted a special edition to all

The birthplace of chili pepper farming

New research has revealed that the farming of chili peppers first took place in central-east Mexico between 7,000-9,000 years ago. Genetic material from dozens of samples of farm-raised and wild chili peppers seemed to point to northeastern Mexico as the origin of domestication for C. annuum, the researchers found. But the

Mother of Roman perfume found on Mediterranean coast

Researchers working in the eastern Mediterranean have identified a plant they believe is the mother species of Reseda odorata, a plant used by the Romans to make perfume. According to Pedro Jiménez Mejías, the other co-author of the study and also a researcher at UPO, "the importance of this discovery is

DNA analysis performed on shipwreck medicines

DNA extracted from pills found on a 2,000-year-old Italian shipwreck may offer up new medical insights. "Medicinal plants have been identified before, but not a compound medicine, so this is really something new," says Alain Touwaide, director of the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions, which has the world's largest

Mummified forest found on arctic island

An ancient mummified forest, buried in a landslide millions of years ago, has been found in the Canadian arctic on a treeless island. The forest was discovered recently by a research team who'd heard a surprising story from rangers in Quttinirpaaq National Park. The park is located onEllesmere Island (see

World’s oldest plant fossils found in Argentina

Fossils of the world's earliest plants, dating back nearly 500-million-years, have been found in Argentina. The discovery puts back by 10 million years the colonisation of land by plants, and suggests that a diversity of land plants had evolved by 472 million years ago. The newly found plants are